Honda Outboard Motors

World Renowned Honda Reliability
Honda manufactures over 15 million engines a year, making it the largest and most trusted engine manufacturer in the world.

Honda 7-Year Domestic Warranty
Full and non-declining Honda 7-Year Domestic Warranty. Coverage is the same on the last day as it is on the first and applies to Honda's ENTIRE engine line-up. Honda is the first and ONLY manufacturer in the industry to introduce a 7-Year Warranty.

View Honda's Warranty information at the Honda website

4-Stroke Outboard Technology
The first to introduce 4-Stroke Outboard technology in Australia, Honda has remained the innovative leader ever since.

Honda Certified Training
Honda Certified Training means technitions are factory trained and certified to work on your outboard engine. The training content is rigorous and comprehensive to ensure that your Honda is well looked after.

Unmatched Reliability through Technology
Honda offers unmatched reliability in the marine industry through utilisation of proven engine components and technology.

For more information on Honda Technology go to the Honda Technology page.

Genuine Parts & Accessories
Access to over 2,700 genuine parts and accessories stocked in Australia – and if it's not here, Honda will airfreight from one of its overseas factories. Such is Honda's commitment to keep your boat on the water.

For more information go to the Honda Genuine Parts and Accessories website. Also visit the Genuine Honda Merchandise website.

Genuine Honda FC-W Oil
Genuine Honda FC-W oil is available for your outboard; this is specially formulated to care for your Honda outboard engine.

For more informaiton go to the Genuine Honda Oils and Lubricants website.

Honda Outboards Hold Their Value
Honda outboards hold their value in the used market better than most other brands on the Australian market.

Idle All Day
Honda outboard engines will idle all day, making them perfect for trolling.

Environmentally Friendly
All of Honda's 4-stroke outboard engines pass the toughest emission regulations in the world.

It's a Honda
All Honda outboards are designed and manufactured by Honda.

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